Department Divisions

  1. Administration Division

    Public Works Administration provides oversight of all public improvement projects and supports the operational efforts of the Animal Control, Street, Utility Billing, Waste Water, and Water Divisions.

  2. Animal Control Division

    The Animal Control Division performs numerous functions including the capture of animals at large, protection of animals, investigations of animal abuse and neglect and enforcement of local and state animal laws.

  3. Street Division

    The Street Division performs routine maintenance and repair of more than 100 miles of streets, sidewalks, public storm sewer as well as the equipment that is used in their daily work.

  4. Wastewater Division

    The Wastewater Division helps protect the water quality of the Sac River Drainage Basin by operating and maintaining the Republic Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) and all related wastewater facilities.

  5. Water Division

    The Water Department is responsible for the provision of a safe and adequate water supply for the citizens of Republic.