City Parks

  1. Brookline Park

    Find out what amenities Brookline Park has to offer its citizens.

  2. Downtown Pocket Park

    Learn about what there is to do at Downtown Pocket Park.

  3. Garoutte Field

    Garoutte field is 10-acres in size.

  4. J.R. Martin Park

    This park offers several amenities, find out what kind.

  5. McKee Park

    McKee Park is 2 acres big and offers picnic tables and playground equipment.

  6. Miller Park

    Miller park is a 58-acre park that has a community center, aquatic center, saddle club and more.

  7. Moore Park

    Learn more about Republic's newest park.

  8. Owen Park

    Owen park is a 10-acre park that has a paved parking area, picnic tables and playground equipment.

  9. Shuyler Creek Trail

    Schuyler Creek Trail is a 3/4-mile long trail with resting benches and picnic tables throughout.