Code Compliance

If you have any questions regarding public nuisances and/or conditions affecting public health, safety and/or welfare, please call the Code Compliance Official at 417-732-3175.

Examples of Violations
  • Abandonment of airtight icebox, refrigerator or other airtight or semi-airtight containers by discarding or permitting to remain on property in an area accessible to children.
  • Discharging waste, petroleum products, lawn clippings, tree limbs, branches, debris, metal, plastic, etc. into the stormwater system causing an obstruction to the flow of the system or to interfere with the proper operation of the system.
  • Furniture or any appliance or item designed for use inside a dwelling unit if stored outdoors on any porch, carport, garage without doors to conceal such articles.
  • Grass and/or weeds on property exceeding seven inches in height, or encroaching upon sidewalks more than four inches.
  • Landscaping, trees, or vegetation overgrown or planted in areas at intersections or growing along city streets that cause blind corners and/or obstructs the view of traffic.
  • Limbs or parts of trees projecting over sidewalks less than 12 feet above such sidewalk.
  • Open storage of inoperable and/or partially dismantled or disassembled vehicles that constitute a public safety hazard.
  • Ponds or pools of stagnant water, pollution of wells and/or underground water by sewage or industrial waste or other substances harmful to life.
  • Tires, tire parts or by-products stored, deposited, dumped, discarded and/or abandoned on any section of property that is not a licensed tire disposal facility.