Planned Development Districts

A Planned Development District (PDD) is a unique zoning classification that allows an integration of multiple land uses in a specified area.

The purpose of the PDD classification is to encourage more creative and imaginative land use designs that are generally possible under conventional zoning regulations. A PDD may integrate single-family housing with other residential uses and commercial uses where appropriate and compatible.

Any property owner or developer wishing to establish a PDD within the city must complete the following steps:
  1. Sketch Plan

    Prior to filing a preliminary development plan, the applicant must prepare a sketch plan to the scale of the proposed PDD for review by the City staff.

  2. Rezoning

    Any property owner wishing to have their property rezoned must complete and submit a Rezoning Application and Checklist to the City's Planning and Development Department.

  3. Preliminary Development Plan

    The preliminary development plan is intended to provide the applicant with an opportunity to submit a plan showing the basic concept, character and nature of the entire proposed planned development.

  4. Final Development Plan

    The Final Development Plan is intended to particularize, refine and implement the Preliminary Development Plan.