Final Development Plan

The Final Development Plan is intended to particularize, refine and implement the Preliminary Development Plan. A Final Development Plan may be submitted for the entire planned development or in phases as approved in the Preliminary Development Plan.

Application Process

Following the approval of the Preliminary Development Plan, the applicant will submit a Final Development Plan Application and Checklist (PDF) to the City's Community Development Department.  A fee in the amount of $225 will be due at the time of submittal to cover review costs.

No less than six copies of the Final Development Plan should be submitted to the city staff at the time of application.  Additionally, the applicant will be required to submit a completed checklist to accompany the application.

Upon completion of the staff review period, the city's Principal Planner will provide the applicant with any necessary comments and recommendations to assist the applicant in preparing for the final development.

Approval Process

Within 30 days following the submission of a completed application, the Planning and Zoning Commission will review the Final Development Plan with respect to its conformity with the Preliminary Development Plan and other applicable restrictions and regulations.  The Planning and Zoning Commission will then transmit its recommendation to either approve or disapprove to the City Council.

Within 30 days following the action of the Planning and Zoning Commission, the City Council will either refuse to approve, refer back to the Planning and Zoning Commission, or approve the Final Development Plan.

Following approval, but not before, the City's various departments will be authorized to, upon satisfactory application, issue building and other permits to the applicant for development, construction and other work in the area of the Planned Development District.

For further information, please contact the Community Development Office at 417-732-3150.