Application Process

Any property owner wishing to have their property rezoned must complete and submit a Rezoning Application and Checklist (PDF) to the City's Community Development Department. A processing fee of $200 shall be applied to each application.

Before submitting an Application for Rezoning, the City requires that the applicant first schedule an appointment with the City's Principal Planner to discuss the proposed action. To schedule and appointment, please contact the Community Development Office at 417-732-3150.

Rezoning Process

Step 1

Submit the following to the City upon request for rezone:
  • CD containing Legal Description (Microsoft Word)
  • One copy of Property Map
  • A complete list of all property owners Within 185 feet of the subject property rezone from the County Assessors Office, plus three printed mailing labels of each address
  • Fees
    • Application: $200
    • Postage
    • Publication Cost: (Due upon invoice)

Step 2

The Community Development Department will arrange for publication of the “Notice of a Public Hearing” in a local newspaper per requirements set out in Section 405.980 of the Republic Zoning Code. This notice will indicate the date of the Public Hearings and must be published at least 15 days prior to the first Public Hearing. The applicant will be billed for the publication costs by the newspaper.

The City will notify by certified return receipt mail all property owners within 185 feet of the property sought for rezoning.

Step 3

The first Public Hearing will be scheduled at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission. At the Public Hearing all interested parties may appear and speak in favor or to protest the special use. Then the Planning and Zoning Committee will vote on a “yes” or “no” recommendation to the Republic City Council.

Step 4

At the second Public Hearing held by the City Council, the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission shall be announced and considered by the City Council and the applicant and other interested persons may be heard on the proposed special use. Once the City Council has had a chance to hear input from those notified and anyone else, which may be affected, it will be brought to vote on the ordinance first reading.

Step 5

At the following regular scheduled meeting of the Republic City Council the ordinance will have a second reading and vote. If the vote is in favor of the ordinance it is then signed by the appropriate City officials and is in full force and effect from that day forward.