Pavilion Rentals

Whether you're out for a small family gathering or you need space for a large family reunion, the Republic Parks and Recreation Department offers covered pavilions with picnic tables at Brookline Park, J.R. Martin Park and Miller Park. Each pavilion provides picnic table seating (personal lawn chairs can be brought in for a larger event) and easy access to nearby playground equipment.

J.R. Martin Park Pavilion
  • 9 Picnic Tables (Seats 72)
  • 2 Electrical Outlets
  • Adjacent Charcoal Grill
  • Address
    300 E Hines
    Republic, MO 65738
J.R. Martin Park (24 acres) is most recognized for the scenic beauty of large mature oak trees. The park features playground equipment, tennis courts, a restroom facility, a paved walking trail, and is home to The Amp and the Republic Veterans Memorial.

JR Martin Pavilion
Miller Park Pavilion
Miller Park Pavilion
  • 9 Picnic Tables (Seats 72)
  • 2 Electrical Outlets
  • Address
    711 E Miller Road
    Republic, MO 65738
Miller Park has become the recreation hub of the city. The park is the home of the Republic Community Center, Activities Building and the Republic Aquatic Center. Miller Park features playground equipment, a paved walking trail and a disc golf course. Restroom facilities are available at the Republic Community Center.

Lowe's Pavilion at Brookline Park
  • 4 Picnic Tables (Seats 32)
  • Adjacent Charcoal Grill
  • Address
    2696 E Sawyer Road
    Republic, MO 65738
Brookline Park (42 acres) features nature trails, playground equipment, and a creek fed by natural spring.

Rental Fees
  • $15 - 2 Hour Minimum
  • $5 - Each Additional Hour
Pavilions are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis at least one week prior to the rental date. Fees are due in full at the time of reservation. Individuals can reserve the pavilions at the Republic Community Center. Please note that reservations are for the pavilions only, not the entire park. For questions and availability, please call the Republic Parks and Recreation Department at 417-732-3500.

Refunds will only be issued for weather related cancellations and cancellations made 1 full week prior to the reservation date to receive a full refund.

Pavilion Rules
  • This pavilion is intended for general public use and can be used by anyone within normal park operating hours if it hasn't been reserved for a private party or function.
  • This pavilion may be reserved for private parties or functions. All pavilion reservation dates and times will be on display in this message board and updated on a weekly basis.
  • Parking is allowed in the designated parking areas only. no vehicles are allowed to operate or park on park grounds without the permission of the Parks and Recreation Department.
  • The presence or consumption of any alcoholic beverage in city parks is prohibited as per Republic City Code (Section No. 215.790).
  • No nails, wires, ropes, placards, staples, thumbtacks, or other objects of any kind may be embedded in the pavilion or trees surrounding the pavilion. Masking tape or string may be used to hang banners.
  • The use of a loud speaker or amplifier is prohibited without the permission of the Republic Parks and Recreation Department.
  • Picnic tables may be moved to fit your desired layout, but must remain on the concrete pavilion floor at all times. no picnic tables should be moved on to the grass areas surrounding the pavilion.
  • Persons using the pavilion agree to abide by all other rules as stated in Article XI of the Republic City Code (Offenses Concerning Parks, Fairgrounds) and to the rules stated above and below.
Reservation Information & Rules
  • All rental parties must reserve the pavilion a minimum of one week in advance of the rental date. All rental parties must complete a Park Pavilion Rental Application and pay for the reservation.
  • If you find a party using the pavilion during your date and time agreed upon in the Park Pavilion Rental Application and they are uncooperative when asked to vacate, please contact the Republic Parks and Recreation Department at the number below and ask that an employee be dispatched to your location.
  • Rental parties using the pavilion are responsible for any and all damages resulting from their usage. If there is any question of accountability, the person(s) whose name(s) are stated on the Park Pavilion Rental Application will be held responsible.
  • Reservations are for the pavilion stated in your Park Pavilion Rental Application only, not the entire park.
  • The rental party is responsible for returning the pavilion to its original condition following their usage. Please follow the cleanup procedures:
    • Pick up and place all trash in receptacles and secure trash in bags and place near trash receptacles.
    • Remove all decorations and materials used to secure decoration.