Permit Wizard

Welcome to the City of Republic's Planning and Development Building Permit Guide. The included content will help you determine what types of permits are needed for your specific project (if any), and how much those permits may cost you.

All contractors performing work within the City of Republic must have a valid business license to work within the city limits and to obtain a building permit of any kind. Please be prepared to show proof of a valid city and State of Missouri business license at the time of application for a permit.

What Type of Building Project Are You Undertaking?

  1. Commercial

    Commercial building projects include the construction of a new building purposed for use by any commercial enterprise, non-profit organization, religious organization or other entity wishing to occupy the building for business-like purposes.

  2. Residential

    Residential building projects include the construction of a new home or accessory building (such as a shed or workshop), as well as any additions or alterations of an existing residence or building located on a residential property. Any alteration to plumbing or electrical service at any residence is also considered a residential project.