Single or Two-Family Residence

The mission of the Planning and Development Department is to work with contractors, builders and the public in order to give the consumer the opportunity to purchase a safe, quality home that meets the requirements of the building codes currently enforced by the City of Republic. Prior to beginning your project, please review the One and Two-Family Residential Guidelines (PDF), and submit a One and Two-Family Residential Permit Application (PDF).

It should be noted that all contractors and sub-contractors are required to have a City of Republic Business License.
  1. Building Codes

    View an overview of the building codes enforced in the City of Republic.

  2. Building Permits

    View details regarding the permits required for residential projects, and the fees associated with them.

  3. Building Setbacks

    View the minimum building setbacks required for construction. All minimum setbacks are measured from the property line to the nearest drip edge of the building.

  4. Contractor Responsibilities

    View a list of contractor responsibilities pertaining to residential construction projects.

  5. Inspections

    Learn more about building inspections and certificates of occupancy.

  6. Duplexes

    View a few of the requirements necessary to meet when construction a two-family residence.

  7. Electrical Requirements

    All electrical work will to conform to the 2011 National Electric Code. View a number of other considerations to take into account when doing electrical work.

  8. Mechanical Considerations

    View a list of mechanical requirements to consider when doing construction work within a home.

  9. Plumbing Considerations

    View a list of plumbing requirements to consider when doing construction work within a home.

  10. Smoke Detectors

    When working on your residential construction project, take into consideration these often-overlooked smoke detector requirements.

  11. Zero Lot Line Dwellings

    Zero lot line dwellings, also known as townhouses and patio homes, have yards that are part of the real estate and are owned by the dwelling owner.