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540 Civic Blvd
Republic, MO 65738
(417) 732-3900
Fax: (417) 732-3990
Emergency: 911

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Welcome to the City of Republic Police website

:My name is Steve Ijames, and I have the honor of serving as the interim Chief of Police. During the next several months the Mayor, Council, and City Administration will commit significant time and energy to selecting the best possible candidate to serve as the Republic Chief of Police. In the interim I will commit all of the time and energy that I have to lay a proper foundation for the Republic Police Department to build and maintain the public trust-which is the cornerstone of effective policing. To that end, I stand ready to serve you in any way that I and or the police department is able to do. Request for help, compliment or criticism, your contact is welcome and encouraged.

Thank you and best regards.


Steve Ijames

  • (417) 732-3900, extension #6
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Republic Police-Steve Ijames
  • 540 Civic Boulevard
  • Republic, MO 65738 


Contact Law Enforcement

Local Law Enforcement Numbers 
Christian County Sheriff's Department  (417)581-1519
Greene County Sheriff's Department  (417)868-4040
Lawrence County Sheriff's Department  (417)466-2131
Missouri State Highway Patrol  (417)895-6868
Springfield Police Department  (417)864-1810
Clever Police Department  (417)743-2544
Billings Police Department  (417)744-2582
Nixa Police Department  (417)725-2510

Republic City Numbers 
Republic Animal Control  (417)732-3190
Republic Aquatic Center  (417)732-3575
Republic Chamber of Commerce  (417)732-5200
Republic City Hall  (417)732-3100
Republic Code Compliance  (417)732-3175
Republic Emergency Management  (417)732-3850
Republic Fire Department  (417)732-3800
Republic Library  (417)732-7284
Republic License Bureau  (417)732-7557
Republic Municipal Court  (417)732-3880
Republic Post Office  (417)732-1525
Empire Electric  (800)206-2300
Ozaark Electric  (800)947-6393

Social Service/Community Program Numbers 
Alcohol and Drug Abuse  (417)895-6328
Alcoholics Anonymous  (417)823-7125
American Red Cross  (417)832-9500
Child Abuse Hotline  (800)392-3738
Division of Family Services  (417)895-6000
Domestic Violence Help  (417)865-4673
Elderly Abuse and Neglect  (800)366-8888
Poison Control  (800)366-8888
Springfield Better Business Bureau  (417)862-4222
The Victim Center  (417) 864-7233


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  • Criminal Investigation
    The Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.) is currently comprised of a Sergeant, two Detectives and an Evidence Technician. The Criminal Investigations Division functions as a support to the Patrol Division. Members of C.I.D. review and investigate complaints of criminal acts, identify and arrest suspects, process crime scenes, properly document all phases of the investigation and prepare cases for successful prosecution. The Criminal Investigations Division takes a proactive approach to crime suppression within the City Of Republic. In addition to the investigation of all crimes not cleared by Patrol Division, the Criminal Investigations Division routinely generates cases ranging from property crimes to child pornography. Criminal Investigators as well as the Evidence Technician are trained in the latest crime scene processing techniques, evidence collection and many other facets of the investigations field.

    Along with the many aspects involved in the investigation of crimes, C.I.D. personnel are often called upon to assist other Law Enforcement Agencies with multi-jurisdictional investigations. C.I.D. also routinely supports other area agencies including, Combined Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force (C.O.M.E.T.), Cyber-Crimes Network, Division of Family Services, Missouri State Highway Patrol and a variety of other Local, State and Federal agencies.
    The Criminal Investigations Division clearance rate has routinely been above the national average. These cases range from property crimes (i.e. burglaries and thefts), narcotic violations, financial crimes, person crimes to include assaults, robberies and homicides.
    The Criminal Investigations Division has an up-to-date evidence processing facility which includes secure indoor evidence processing bays. These secure processing facilities allow investigators the ability to properly examine vehicles for evidence of a crime, hidden compartment or secondary vehicle identification numbers. In addition, C.I.D. has recently added a computer forensic examiner for cyber related crimes.

    The mission of the Criminal Investigation Division (C.I.D.) is to provide the highest quality criminal investigative support to the Republic Police Department and the citizens it serves. This is accomplished by conducting timely and thorough criminal investigations using advanced investigative techniques conducted by highly trained and professional investigators. Motivated only by a search for the truth, C.I.D. Detectives will search out and collect all available evidence surrounding each case to exonerate the innocent and substantiate the culpability of the guilty. This is done to ensure the safety and security of each person in our community.

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