What Extra Benefits Does My Community Get?

Cost Effectiveness
Sound design and process control approaches can improve the cost effectiveness of running a wastewater treatment facility. For example, many treatment facilities save money by recovering energy from treatment processes.

Increased Economic Development
Adequate sewage collection and treatment make growth possible.

Increased Property Values
As a property is connected to a treatment facility, its value increases.

Improved Public Health
Wastewater treatment has virtually eliminated many waterborne diseases.

Valuable Products
Reclaimed water can be used for irrigation and other applications. Bio-solids can be used to fertilize crops and forests.

Environmental Protection
Wastewater treatment returns clean, safe water to the environment.

Water Conservation
Wastewater treatment helps conserve our finite resources.

The Future
Working together, wastewater treatment professionals and government officials can meet current challenges and continue to provide clean water at a fair price. Investing funds now helps preserve and enhance our water resources, both for our own use and for future generations.