Water Specifications

Customer Water Service Lines Furnished by Customer

A.  The customer service line shall be furnished, installed and maintained by the customer at his/her expense and risk.

B.  The water service line shall be constructed and conform to the requirements of the Building and Plumbing Codes or other applicable rules and regulations of the City. The service line shall be constructed of Schedule 40 or heavier polyvinyl chloride (PVC), SDR-9 rolled tubing rated at 150 p.s.i., copper or any other material as approved by the Director with an inside diameter of no less than three-quarter (¾) inches. Joints for PVC pipe can be either the gasketed type or glue on. If the joints are to be glued, then an approved primer/cleaner and solvent-type cements shall be used. The primer/cleaner shall be purple in color for identification purposes. The water service line shall not be within two (2) feet of a side property line unless the water main is positioned along the side property line. All pipe and fittings must be installed with granular pipe embedment, consisting of crushed or chipped limestone with a nominal size of not less than one-half (½) inch or greater than one (1) inch. Bedding material shall be used to provide a uniform trench bottom. A minimum bedding of two (2) inches above and below the exterior of the pipe is required. Water service lines laid under drives, parking lots or traffic areas shall be either encased in metal conduit or shall be covered with a minimum of six (6) inches of cleaned crushed or chipped limestone, as specified herein, on all sides of the pipe or the pipe shall be cast iron or ductile iron.

C.  For customer service lines constructed or replaced after the date of adoption of this section, a minimum 12 gauge single strand copper clad steel conductive tracer wire with HDPE insulation,  shall be installed directly above and adjacent to the customer’s water service line, where such piping is located within the public right of way. Wire splices shall be made with either rigid fittings or weatherproof connectors specifically designed for direct burial.  Electric ground shall be established by splicing on to existing tracer wire where available or using a minimum 1’ copper grounding rod driven into the trench bottom near the water meter. The tracer wire shall be extended to the surface adjacent to the structure being served and housed within a protective enclosure constructed of schedule 40 PVC pipe and a schedule 40 PVC threaded clean out with cap or an alternately constructed housing as may be approved by the City.  The protective enclosure shall be extended to grade, installed so that it is easily accessible but shall not be located within any driving or parking surface unless rigid clean-out fittings are used. 

D.  The Public Works Director shall be notified twenty-four (24) hours before the water service line and connection to the meter is ready for inspection. The ditch shall not be backfilled until the inspection is made with approval given. A water service line inspection fee of forty dollars ($40.00) shall be submitted to the City prior to inspection or approval for service. The City may refuse to give water service for failure to conform to the requirements contained herein.

Customer Water Service Line Connection
A. The customer service line shall include the connection to the outlet of the meter setter, and all liability and responsibility for such connection shall be the customer's.

B. In the absence of a meter setter, the customer service line shall be installed to the property line at a point designated by the City.

C. The City is under no obligation to connect the customer service line while installing the meter setter if the customer service line is not installed to the designated point at the time of meter setter installation.