File a Complaint Against a Police Employee

It is the policy of the Republic Police Department to receive and investigate complaints related to Official conduct. This is done in a manner that will assure the community of prompt, corrective action when Department personnel conduct themselves improperly, while also protecting Department personnel from unwarranted criticism pursuant to the discharge of official duties. With this in mind, a Citizen Complaint Form has been created. If a person has a complaint against an employee of the Republic Police Department, they will complete the Citizen Complaint Form. This act will initiate the Citizen Complaint Investigation Process.

Citizen Complaint Investigation Process
  • A. A complaint is filed against an employee. Complainant shall document the details of the complaint.
  • B. If the complaint cannot be dealt with by the appropriate supervisor, the complaint is brought to the attention of the Chief of Police.
  • C. If warranted, an internal affairs investigation is ordered by the Chief. If an investigation is not ordered by the Chief, then the complainant is contacted and advised.
  • D. The complainant and all witnesses are contacted and interviewed. E. The employee is contacted and interviewed.
  • F. A report is compiled and submitted to the Chief of Police.
  • G. The Chief of Police makes a determination based on facts and takes appropriate action.
  • H. The employee has the right to appeal.
  • I. The complainant is contacted and advised as to the outcome of the internal affairs process. To file a complaint form you can come to the police department and fill out the form, you can print the form and mail or fax it in, or you can complete the complaint form online.