Mission & Vision


Mission Statement

We are committed to the mission of the City of Republic. We will be aggressively progressive through Processes, Relationships, and Trust

Vision Statement 

To grow together by always doing the Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason

Values Statement

Our values will define who we are and how we will accomplish our mission and vision.

  • REGIONAL: We will look beyond the city limits of Republic and become a regional leader.  We will challenge the status quo.
  • ETHICAL: We will be honest in our words and actions. We will be known for our integrity, trustworthiness, an commitment to doing what is right. 
  • PROFESSIONAL: We will always present a positive image. We will stay committed to our values and be held accountable for our performance. 
  • URGENT: We will achieve desired results quickly and without hesitation. We will press forward and not look back. 
  • BOLD: We will be decisive and own the decisions we make. We will not allow fear to dictate our actions. We will have fun while accomplishing results. 
  • LEADERS: We will be a leader in all areas of our work. We will go the extra mile in all circumstances. We will remove, not create, obstacles to our success. 
  • INSIGHTFUL: We will appreciate that there are two sides to every story and seek to increase our perspective on the issues we face. We will be strategic in our thinking. 
  • CARING: We will provide peace, security, and stability for the citizens of Republic. We will strive to improve the quality of life for the people we lead and the community we serve.