Community Development

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The Community Development Department provides services including permitting, subdivision platting, code enforcement, land use planning, land use regulation, growth management, and economic development.  The Department's focus is to facilitate conditions that are conducive to healthy community growth and development by providing for a stable and secure marketplace that attracts investments, both from within and outside of the community, in ways that promote long-term prosperity.

We will facilitate those conditions by:

  • Planning and zoning the use and development of land to protect the safety and general welfare of the community while also promoting profitable development opportunities.
  • Providing for a safe, durable, and accessible building stock for the benefit of residents, patrons and the general public.
  • Promoting and upholding the standards of the community for maintaining private property so as to eliminate hazards as well as to protect the value of property.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Providing accurate and timely information.
  • Developing healthy and productive relationships.
  • Designing processes that are efficient and eliminate unnecessary obstacles to progress rather than create them.
  • Providing reliable, valuable and consistent services.
  • Informing and educating the community about the processes and regulations pertaining to their situation.
  • Blending a variety of methods to achieve sustained compliance with the law in addition to enforcement.

Local Business Survey

The City of Republic is conducting a survey of local area businesses.  If you are the owner or operator of a commercial organization, we encourage you or a representative appointed by you to participate in this survey.  As a member of the local business community, you have a valuable role to play in shaping our City by letting us know what issues are important to your business. 

This survey is a part of the effort to update Republic’s Comprehensive Plan.  We are asking that you take a second to tell us about your experiences operating a business in Republic.  We want to hear about your organization and get your feedback on a couple of issues so we can ensure our City remains responsive to the needs and interests of the local business community.

Click the link below to access the survey and follow the prompts as they appear.