Board of Adjustments


  • Torre Conklin
    Appointed March 25, 2013
    Phone: 417-732-1033
  • Kelly Evans
    Appointed April 25, 2016
    Phone: 417-732-9209
  • Dolph Woodman
     Appointed July 18, 2017
  • Karen Pittman
    Appointed April 11, 2016
    Phone: 417-732-8951
  • Denny Robbins (Alternate)
    Appointed April 11, 2016
  • Andy Simmons
    Appointed March 25, 2013
    Phone: 417-732-1531

About the Board

The Board of Adjustment was created for the purpose of varying the application of the regulations and restrictions of the City of Republic’s Zoning Code in their application in harmony with the general purpose and intent of zoning ordinances and in accordance with the general or specific rules therein. The Board consists of five members who are residents of Republic and are appointed by the Mayor.