Removal of Unregulated Quantities of Asbestos

For individuals working with less than 160 square feet, 260 linear feet or 35 cubits of friable asbestos-containing materials or nonfriable asbestos-containing materials, respiratory protection consisting of high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtered respirators is recommended. Disposable protective clothing is also advised. An amended water solution consisting of approximately on once of liquid detergent to one gallon of water should be used before and during removal to keep the material adequately wet to minimize fiber release. Amended water should not be used on roofing projects where fall hazards exist or near electrical sources. Waste materials must be promptly bagged or wrapped for disposal.

All waste must be disposed of at permitted solid waste landfill or transfer station. Arrangements should be made in advance with the local waste disposal company concerning any labeling or packaging requirements. OSHA may have requirements for projects involving nonfriable materials and removals involving less than NESHAP threshold quantities. It is recommended that individuals performing such projects contact OSHA.

OSHA Contacts

Phone Number
Kansas City (Western Missouri Area)
St. Louis (Eastern Missouri Area)
Contact the Air Pollution Control Program
Question concerning the Department of Natural Resources' Air Pollution Control Program requirements for handling asbestos-containing materials may be directed to the following offices:

DNR Air Pollution Control Offices

Office Location
Phone Number
Jefferson City Regional Office
Kansas City Regional Office
Northeast Regional Office
St. Louis Regional Office
Southeast Regional Office
Southwest Regional Office
Technical Assistance Program
You may also call or write to:
Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Air Pollution Control Program
P.O. Box 176
Jefferson City, MO 65102-0176
Phone: 573-751-4817
Fax: 573-751-2706