Commercial Change of Occupancy

Whenever a new business moves into an existing building or commercial building infill and does not plan on performing any construction to modify the building, a Commercial Change of Occupancy is required.
Whenever an existing business changes its use or changes ownership, a Commercial Change of Occupancy permit is required.  Please click here for change of occupancy permit.

A change of occupancy inspection will be performed by the City's building inspector and the City's fire department to determine if the building is safe to occupy and if it meets the current accessibility guides. Exit signage, emergency lighting, fire extinguishers and other safety issues are some of the items that will be looked at, along with ADA parking and signage, accessible entry into the building and accessible restrooms.

The new business owner will be asked to provide a key to the main door of the business so it can be placed into the key vault attached to the building. If the building does not have a key vault, one will be required to be installed at either the business or building owner's expense.

The costs for the Change of Occupancy application submittal is $50 and is due when the application is made.