Electrical, Mechanical & Plumbing

Any new service or upgrade of electrical, mechanical or plumbing service must be permitted and inspected by the City's Building Inspector as stated in Section 105.1 of the 2018 IBC. Before beginning any electrical projects, please be sure to review our Electrical Services Guideline (PDF). Please complete and submit a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Permit Application (PDF).

This includes all types of electrical work, from the addition of wall outlets to new service for existing accessory buildings to electrical upgrades for your home. All electrical work must comply with the adopted building codes.

Any repair or replacement of existing fixtures or equipment is excluded from the permit requirement.

Permit Fees

The permit fee for electrical, mechanical or plumbing service is $50. Permit applications may be obtained online (PDF) or at the City of Republic's Planning and Development Office, located at 204 North Main Avenue (across from City Hall).

For further information, please contact (417) 732-3150.