New Commercial Building

​New Commercial Buildings include the construction of any non-residential structure, as well as any construction project that adds to the square footage of an existing structure.


With all commercial construction we ask that potential applicants contact our offices to discuss the project prior to making application. In many cases, planning staff will require a Pre-Application Meeting be scheduled.  Pre-Application Meetings offer an opportunity for information exchange between parties and ensure that staff have a chance to provide prospective applicants with a preliminary review, when possible, and also to bring awareness to potential project constraints.  Pre-Application Meetings save money and time for both developers and city staff and are offered at no cost.

Application Process

All new commercial buildings require a commercial building permit prior to the commencement of construction. A New Commercial Building Permit Application must be submitted along with all necessary submittal materials. Complete construction plans, containing all of the relevant information and bearing the signature and seal of a licensed architect and/or engineer, must be submitted in order to process the permit application. 

The Commercial Construction Checklist (PDF) has been provided to assist applicants. Plans will only be considered for review when each applicable item on the checklist has been addressed. Be sure to review the list of necessary steps before submitting your application.


Construction drawings may be reviewed by a private consultant hired by the City of Republic to review commercial projects. The applicant that submits the plans will be required to sign a Guarantee of Payment ensuring the City's costs for services of the private consultant are reimbursed. In addition, all plans will be reviewed by the Republic Fire Department for compliance with the adopted fire code and by the BUILDS Department for compliance with the city zoning code and the adopted building codes.

Review Process

When an application and related construction documents have been accepted for review, a project liaison will be assigned from staff.  This individual will see that the necessary documents are routed to the appropriate departments for comments concerning deficiencies or conflicts with City specifications and building codes. When comments are received from the various departments, the project liaison will generate a comment letter, which will be forwarded to the design official managing the project, as well as any other designated parties. All comments in the review letter shall be addressed either in the form of addendum(s) or revised construction drawings. When all comments have been addressed, all departments have approved the plans and all necessary building permit fees have been paid, a building permit will be issued.  Please note that building permit fees may not include private consultant fees.  In such cases, an additional bill may be received by the signee of the Guarantee of Payment. 

Building Permit Fees are calculated in accordance with Chapter 800 of the City of Republic Municipal Code. In cases where new connections to sewer or water systems are required additional costs may be incurred.

Allow ten working days from first submittal for completion of review. Construction documents received after noon will be stamped as received the following business day.

More Information

Permit applications can be obtained online (PDF), or from the Republic BUILDS Department, located at 204 North Main Avenue (across from City Hall).

To schedule an inspection, please call the City’s Inspection Hot-Line at 417-732-3170. For further information, call 417-732-3150.