Fencing & Walls

A permit is required for construction, alteration, repair or installation of any fence or wall. A fence or wall repair is defined as the repair or maintenance of 25% or more of the total linear feet of the fence or wall. Before beginning your project, please review our City Fence & Wall Guidelines (PDF), and complete and submit the Fence & Wall Permit Application (PDF). Please include a site plan depicting the planned construction in relation to the residence (or other principal structure) and to property lines with appropriate measurements. The site plan should also include any gates that will be constructed on the fence and the measurements of such gates.

The City is not responsible if your fence is not on the exact property line. City staff strongly recommends that all residents planning or placing a fence on their property consult a recent survey of the property before beginning.

Permit Fees

The cost of a fence or wall permit is $20, when standing 6 feet or less in height, or $50 when standing 6 feet - 8 feet in height. Payment is collected by the City's Planning and Development Department at issuance of the permit.

For any further questions, please call the City's Planning and Development Department at 417-732-3150.