Site Plan Minimum Requirements

In addition to the Permit Application (PDF), the City requires construction plans and a site plan. View our Site Plan Guide (PDF) to serve as reference when making your own Site Plan. The following information is required to be clearly stated on the site plan:
  • Location and dimension of all parking areas and driveways
  • Location and dimensions of front, side, and rear yard setbacks to the nearest drip edge of the structure
  • Location of any easements, floodplains, or other pertinent legal features that cross the property
  • Subdivision name, phase or addition number, lot number and street address
  • The location, size, and shape of all structures proposed for construction
  • The property lines and property dimensions
  • Any other relevant information that may be required to determine conformance with applicable regulations, such as manholes, water meter locations, light pole, etc.
If any part of the building is located in a flood plain, a Flood Plain Development Permit (PDF) is required before any form of construction starts. This includes excavation or filling. An elevation certificate is required when the building is complete in order to verify finished floor elevation.