Paid Time Off

Eligible employees accumulate a variety of paid time off including Vacation leave, Sick leave, Floating holidays, Federal and State holidays, Leave for Jury duty, Military leave and Funeral leave.

Vacation time accrues monthly. The amount of the accrual is dependent upon your length of employment. In addition to regular earned vacation time, Police and Fire department employees receive extra hours in lieu of holidays. Vacation time is carried over from year to year until a cap is reached.




Length of Service




0-1 year of service

3.34 hours

40 hours 

40 hours

1 year - 4 years of service

6.67 hours

80 hours 

160 hours

4 years - 9 years of service

10 hours

120 hours 

240 hours

9 or more years of service

13.34 hours

160 hours 

320 hours

Sick time accrues monthly.  Fire Sick leave accrues at 12 hours per month. For all other employees, sick leave accrues at a rate of 8 hours per month for all eligible full time employees. 

All eligible non-police, non-fire employees receive 13 paid holidays per calendar year. On these days, city offices are closed with the exception of the Emergency Services departments. Because these offices must be open and available 365 days a year, Police and Fire Department employees are compensated for these days by receiving a higher rate of vacation time accruals. 

Floating holidays total 24 hours per year. Floating holiday hours do not carry over from year to year.
Funeral Leave is allowed, up to 24 hours, for eligible employees for the funeral of a person in the employee’s family. For a list of eligible family members, please refer to the Personnel Manual.

Federal and State holidays
See Paid Holidays for more details.  Click here.  

Paid time off for Jury duty and Military leave are additional leaves provided for employees. If an employee is called to Jury duty or subpoenaed as a witness in a court case, the Supervisor must be notified immediately. Any funds received for Jury duty must be remitted to the City.