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Civic Ready is a program offered through the Republic website to allow citizens to sign-up for emergency weather-related notifications that are important for your safety in times of an emergency. You may also sign up to receive Local Emergency Alerts, such as road closures. By registering your address, you will receive a text, voice mail or email when weather alerts are issued for your area.

Share this page with your family, friends and colleagues.  Take the time to sign-up below for these important alerts that will serve you well in times of an emergency. 


  1. Be Informed
  2. Make A Plan Info
  3. Build a Kit Info

Being prepared means being informed. The more information you have before, during and after an emergency the better the odds of a positive outcome. Understanding the different types of emergencies and knowing what to do will also improve the likelihood of a positive outcome.

We've created this site to inform you of the different types of emergencies, to help you make a plan and to provide you information to assist you in building a kit to have with you should an emergency arise.