Weather Policy

The pool will be cleared for lightning, rain or threatening weather conditions. After 20 minutes, the weather conditions will be checked. If any of the threatening conditions are present the pool will remain closed and will be assessed every 20 minutes for one hour after the pool is cleared. Threatening weather conditions lasting longer than one (1) hour may warrant the closing of the pool for the day. Rain checks will only be issued if the pool is officially closed to those who have been in attendance less than an hour and a half and are good until the end of the current season. Rain checks will not be issued during a delay!

If the pool does not open at the beginning of operating hours (12:00pm) due to weather, the weather will be assessed up to 3:00pm. If the pool does not open before 3:00pm, it will stay closed the remainder of the day.

We reserve the right to close the pool due to lack of occupancy. Patrons will be given 30 minutes notice when this policy is administered. The policy is administered at the discretion of the pool manager.