Thank you for doing business within the City of Republic. Below you will find important information concerning the business license process and doing business within the City. Feel free to contact the City by phone at 417-732-3150 or by email should you have any questions.

Important Information

  •  Anyone engaging in business must obtain a business license and pay a non-refundable license fee in accordance with Article I. Business Licenses of the Republic Municipal Code.
  •  Business licenses are based on a calendar year and will expire on December 31st of each calendar year. Business license renewals are to be completed prior to that date. Business license application fees are prorated beginning the first day of October. You may purchase a temporary license, which is good for 90 days; however, a temporary license cannot be renewed.
  •  The BUILDS Department must approve your business license application prior to a business license being issued. Please remember it is unlawful to conduct business prior to the business license being issued.
  •  When a business license is issued, it will be for the type of business only. Any change in the type of business will require a new application to be submitted.  Changing the type of business will also require a Change of Occupancy.
  •  Any false information provided will render the application null and void.
  •  If you are a contractor, you must include a copy of your Workers’ Compensation Liability Certificate. If you are exempt from Workers’ Compensation Insurance, you may complete the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Exemption form. This form must be notarized and is available in our office or by contacting the City at (417) 732-3150.
  •  Any person, firm or corporation who is required to pay sales tax to the City of Republic must provide a “No Tax Due statement”. Contact the Missouri Department of Revenue at  for more information or to obtain your statement.
  •  Licenses are not transferable from one person to another.  Change of ownership will require obtaining a new business license.
  •  A separate license shall be obtained for each place of business.
  •  Every person engaged in more than one occupation, where such occupations are operated as one business under the same management and at the same location, shall pay an individual license for each business.

New Businesses of a general nature must complete the forms in the packet below ($150 and includes Change of Occupancy inspection):

Businesses moving to a new location ($50) may access the change of occupancy application form here.

Businesses run out of a residence ($25) must fill out the following:

Businesses seeking a Temporary license ($25), often acquired to attend an in-town event, must complete the following form:

Fireworks stand registration requires the following forms, which must be filled out annually:

In addition to the Business License, the following occupations must obtain additional, specialized, permit licenses under the City of Republic Municipal Code:

All businesses located in Greene County and/or Christian County must contact their respective county to determine if a county license is required.

If you are a mobile food vendor, be sure to read the Mobile Food Vendors pamphlet to assist you in operating within the guidelines established by the City of Republic.  

The following occupations/organizations are exempt from the business license requirement:

  •  Doctors
  •  Dentists
  •  Christian Science
  •  Clergy
  •  Religious, charitable and non-profit civic organizations
  • Accountants, Certified Public

For more information, feel free to contact the Community Development Department by phone at (417) 732-3150, email,  or stop by the Community Development Department located at 4221 S Wilson's Creek Blvd.