Our goal is to provide superior customer service and create a user-friendly court.  In return, the Court expects all visitors to respect the Court and its employees.  Here are several things you should know before you visit the Court:

Please arrive several minutes before your scheduled appearance to allow enough time to go through security and check in with the clerk.  Defendants are responsible for being on time and present in court when their cases are called.  Those who are not could have a warrant issued for their arrest for failing to appear.

It is important that visitors understand the appropriate dress code for the Court.  The Court is a place of business and visitors should wear clean, well-fitted clothes.  Shirt and shoes are required.  Please remove hats before entering the courtroom.

Eating, drinking, and gum chewing are not allowed in the courtroom.

All cell phones and pagers should be turned off before entering the courtroom.  

It is also important to know that all weapons, tools, aerosol sprays, and over-size bags are strictly prohibited from the building.  No alcohol will be allowed on the premises.  All prohibited items will be confiscated and the violator may be appropriately charged.  The Court will not store prohibited items for pickup.  Leave these items at home or in your vehicle.