Preliminary Maps and Process

Preliminary Maps

FEMA, with the aid of contract engineers, Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, recently completed remapping for Greene County; these maps are referred to as Preliminary Flood Maps.  Preliminary Maps for the City of Republic may be viewed through the City’s Community Map Gallery, the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) website, or the Federal Emergency Map Agency (FEMA) website.

The release of a Preliminary Map is an important step in the mapping lifecycle for a community; this cycle allows FEMA to utilize new technology to provide more accurate maps of flood hazards.  Revisions to a community’s Flood Maps represent changes in an area’s flood risk.  Flood risks change over time as water flow and drainage patterns change due to development, surface erosion, land use, and natural forces.  The release of these maps provides the public an opportunity to review the maps; the Public Comment Review Period is ninety (90) days. 

The public has an opportunity to comment and appeal during the ninety (90) day Public Comment Review Period.  As a rule, Comments are non-technical in nature, such as incorrect information regarding road names, jurisdictional boundaries, or other base map features.  Appeals are technical in nature, such as scientifically or technically incorrect information present on the Map; appeals must include technical data refuting Preliminary Map data. 

Upon resolution of all comments and appeals, FEMA will notify the City of Republic of the effective date of the final Flood Maps.  The Community Development Department will present the updated Flood Maps and any corresponding updates to the City’s Floodplain Ordinances, to City Council for adoption. 


The Public may submit comments on the City of Republic’s Preliminary Maps through SEMA’s website or by contacting SEMA’s Floodplain Engineering and Mapping Civil Engineer:  Darryl Rockfield, (573)0526-9383 by the end of the comment/appeal period.


The public may submit appeals for scientifically or technically incorrect information present on the Preliminary Map during the ninety (90) day Public Comment Period.  To be considered an appeal, a submittal must include:

  • Data that shows the proposed flood hazard information (new or modified Special Flood Hazard Area zones or boundaries, Base Flood Elevation, base flood depths, and/or floodway boundaries) is scientifically or technically incorrect
  • Needed revisions to the FIRM and/or FIS report (boundaries of revised floodplains)

Appeals must be submitted to FEMA’s State Flood Mapping Coordinator, Dane Bailey, (785) 296-6172 by the end of the comment/appeal period.

FEMA Appeals and Comments Fact Sheet

FEMA Appeals and Comments Guide for Property Owners