P&Z Agenda Tracker

The More We Know
  • The map below allows you to browse cases coming before the Planning and Zoning Commission.  Each meeting date is represented by one of the colored tabs.  Click the date tab to see a list of the items on that meeting’s agenda.  Clicking on the agenda item of interest will provide you with more information.  

  • The map is interactive and zooming can be done using the "+" and "-" icons or using the scroll wheel on your mouse.  To return the map to the default position press the "home" icon.  

  • Map markers numbers correspond the numbers of their related item.  Clicking directly a marker will bring up the information for that item.

  • This map can be enlarged using the icon in the bottom right corner on the application.

  • Items include links to related documents when available.  Links are below the item summary.

  • The map includes information on when it was last updated for your convenience. 

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