Republic: In The Middle of Everywhere

Republic's location along major highways provides convenient and quick transportation. Interstate 44, Route 360 (future Interstate 244), and U.S. 60 provide four-lane access to major markets across the United States- including fifteen major metro areas within eight hours or less. These important corridors allow companies and their trucks to get in and get out without a hassle, making Republic a prime location for warehousing, distribution, and logistics services!  In addition to superb highway access, Republic is connected directly to the national rail network with a mainline of BNSF Railway. 

Republic is located on major highways Interstate 44, U.S. 60
Travel From Republic To: Minutes Mileage
Springfield-Branson Nat'l Airport (Springfield, MO) 15 minutes 11 miles
Springfield, Missouri (Downtown) 20 minutes 14 miles
Springfield, Missouri (I-44 at U.S. 65 interchange) 21 minutes 20 miles
Branson, Missouri (via U.S. 60 to U.S. 65) 50 minutes 45 miles
Joplin, Missouri (direct via I-44) 48 minutes 45 miles
Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers, Arkansas (via U.S. 60) 90 minutes 80 miles
Kansas City, Missouri (via I-44 to I-49) 2.5 hours 160 miles
St. Louis, Missouri (direct via I-44) 3.5 hours 230 miles
Tulsa, Oklahoma (direct via I- 44) 2.5 hours 170 miles
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (direct via I-44) 4 hours 275 miles
Little Rock, Arkansas (via U.S. 60 to U.S. 65) 4 hours 220 miles
Wichita, Kansas (via I-44 to U.S. 400) 4 hours 240 miles
Memphis, Tennessee (via U.S. 60 to U.S. 63) 5 hours 290 miles
Nashville, Tennessee (via U.S. 60) 7 hours 437 miles
Omaha, Iowa (via I-44/49/29) 5.5 hours 362 miles
Des Moines, Iowa (via U.S. 60 to U.S. 65) 5.5 hours  367 miles
Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas (via I-44) 6.5 hours 405 miles
Chicago, Illinois (via I-44 to I-55) 8 hours 540 miles