Jurassic Archery


What is Jurassic Archery?

The Jurassic Range at Brookline Park is a one-of-a-kind, guided dinosaur archery experience for youth and beginner archers. Archers complete a 3D archery course walking through the woods where they will stop at 5 shooting lanes equipped with dinosaur targets. Instructors play the role of park ranger while providing direction on range safety and the steps of shooting.

How does it work?

Groups of 2-5 archers will be introduced to their guide and allowed into the range at each distinct entrance time. It is important to arrive at the check-in table promptly at your entrance time.

Your guide will provide a short demonstration on range safety and the steps of shooting before taking the group to the shooting lanes. The group will stop at each shooting lane where each archer in the group will have the opportunity to shoot 3 arrows. The guide will provide assistance and instruction while shooting based on each archer’s knowledge and experience. Archers have the option to track their progress throughout the course on the provided score card. The course takes approximately 45-90 minutes to complete.

Where is the range?

The Jurassic Range is featured in Brookline Park, located at 2696 E Sawyer Road in Republic. Limited parking is available at the park. Carpooling is recommended when possible. Once at Brookline Park, archers should report to the check-in table near the bridge under the Jurassic Quest sign.

When is the range open?

The Jurassic Range is a fully guided experience. It is only open on select dates throughout the year. See a full list of dates for the season below.

    2024 Range Dates:  May 31, June 15, September 7, and November 2

Who can participate?

The course is designed for youth and beginner archers age 8-15 years, but fun for all ages and skill levels. Individuals 16 and older may register to participate. Children age 4-7 years may register to participate with parent/guardian assistance.

How much does it cost and how do I register?

The fee is $15 per archer. To register online and reserve your entrance time, visit recdesk.republicparks.com and select ‘Sign In’ or ‘Create Account’. Once logged in, the filter tool can be used to select ‘Jurassic Range’. Select an available entrance time and complete the registration and waiver. All archers must complete the registration to reserve an entrance time. Only 6 archers may register for each entrance time. Groups smaller than 6 may be paired with another group.

What should I wear? What equipment do I need? Can I bring my own equipment?

Archers should wear comfortable casual clothing and closed-toe shoes. All bows and arrows are provided. No outside bows or arrows will be permitted. Provided bows are from the Genesis and Genesis Mini lines. Both right and left handed bows are available. Personal archery protective gear such as finger tabs, gloves, forearm protectors, and chest guards are permitted, but not required.

Do you offer group events or birthday party packages?

Yes, we have limited availability for group reservations, field trips, and birthday party packages. To request information on group availability and bookings, e-mail Casey Vinyard - Recreation Coordinator (Programming) at cvinyard@republicmo.com.

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