City Administrator

 David Cameron has served as City Administrator for the City of Republic, MO since July 2016.  David is a native of Miller, MO, having returned to his roots after spending sixteen years with the City of Siloam Springs, AR where he served in the same capacity. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR.  

He has devoted his working career to local government addressing process improvements, bridging relationships between government and the development community, infrastructure deployment, economic development, and environmental compliance. Under his leadership, Republic has recognized substantial growth in every development market and successfully executed over 2.1 million square feet and over$300 Million in industrial development between 2020-2022. David possesses a passion for casting vision, leadership, and navigating the largest challenges facing the organization.  In 2021, 417 Magazine named him as one of the “10 For the Next 10” leaders to watch for the next decade.

In addition to being City Administrator, David is an avid golfer that likes to believe one day he will get better. He is strong advocate for promoting work-life balance through programs which allow extended breaks away from a professional career. 

David and his wife, Michelle, have been married over 28 years with three adult children outside the home.  


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