Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing


The City of Republic is in the process of inspecting sanitary sewer lines throughout portions of the City and will begin smoke testing of the sanitary sewer system during the week of Monday, November 7. These inspections are for evaluating sewer defects or connections that could allow stormwater to enter into the sanitary sewer. The inspections are scheduled to last three weeks (pending weather delays) with no inspections taking place the week of Thanksgiving. Inspections will be performed by Burns & McDonnell.  Testing is expected to occur between 7AM and 4PM as weather allows.

A smoke test is the process of pumping a specially formulated smoke into a local sewer line to see where it comes out - field technicians walk around to identify and record places where smoke escapes so the defects can be evaluated for repair. The smoke coming from vent stacks on homes or other areas is non-toxic, non-staining, has a light sulfur odor, is white to gray in color, and creates no fire hazard. 

Smoke testing is a standard part of sewer and stormwater system maintenance.


  • If an individual in your home or business who has respiratory issues or is immobile, please call (417) 827-7262 and notify us prior to testing.  
  • While the smoke is non-toxic, extended periods of exposure should be avoided.
  • Field technicians or City personnel will not be entering homes except by request.  In the event that smoke enters your home, we ask that you go outside and notify a field technician.  They may offer to enter and inspect points of smoke exfiltration.

For questions, contact Eric Brown, Operations Director, at (417) 827-7262.

Additional Information for Homeowners

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