August Citizen Newsletter
August 2018
Mayor Jeff Ussery
Jeff Ussery, Mayor

From The Mayor's Desk

Some exciting things happening with City of Republic! We   recently learned Panda Express will be opening a location in Republic. And it appears Jimmy's Egg will be starting construction in the near future. It is always nice to see more and more businesses choose to call Republic home. Not only does it allow for more selection, it also creates more and more jobs in our local economy. We have also been keeping promises with the Capital Improvements Tax! We have repaired and replaced storm sirens, just authorized the purchase of new police vehicles and started work on many of the other projects. One of those projects is to build a new Animal Control Facility. This project is LONG overdue. 
Speaking of Animal Control, this month's Employee Spotlight is Republic Animal Control Officer, Christina Elmore.

Christina Elmore,
Animal Control

Christina Elmore has been with the City of Republic for 6.5 years. Prior to coming to Republic, she was a dog groomer, a dog trainer and a cashier at Petsmart in Springfield. Ms. Elmore was also a manager at Captain D’s for about 8 years. Ms. Elmore currently lives in Marionville, Missouri and has one dog, five cats, three horses, one mini donkey, along with some cows and chickens. Ms. Elmore has always had a love for animals and used to want to be a veterinarian. So when the Animal Control position became available, she jumped at the chance to be able to work for the city, to be able to help animals and educate people on the proper ways to own and take care of animals. Her position includes educating people regarding pets, doing well-being checks on animals, responding to animals at large, animal bites, injured animals, investigating reports of animal abuse/neglect, barking dogs along with various other activities. Ms. Elmore stated the best part of her job is being able to get animals back to their rightful owners and also being able to educate people about animals. Ms. Elmore’s believes the most challenging part of her job is getting people to understand why they can’t do certain things or why the city isn’t allowed to do certain things. Ms. Elmore hopes as an Animal Control Officer that she can change people’s perspective of  Republic’s Animal Control and how we are here to help animals and people while making things better for both. When Ms. Elmore isn’t at work,  she loves to go camping, fishing and cruises. Ms. Elmore is excited to be able to help the Animal Control Department go forward with a new shelter and maybe help instill some new programs that are helpful to both people and animals.

Calendar of Events

Aug 3—Movie Night @ The Amp, 8:30 p.m. Movie will be Guardian of the Galaxy, Vol. 2.

Aug 8 thru Sept 12—Senior Wii Bowling. Contact the Republic Community Center for time slots. Free coffee and cookies provided! Republic Community Center.

Aug 10—8th Annual Youth Tigger Triathlon, 6:45 p.m. For ages 5 thru 13 years old. Miller Park.

Aug 11—12th Annual Republic Tiger Triathlon, 7:00 a.m. Visit for more information. Miller Park.

Aug 17—Last Day to Register for Fall Youth Co-ed Soccer, for ages 3 to 12 years old. Game days will be Tuesday and Thursday. Season begins September 6th. Garoutte Field.

Aug 17—Last Day to Register for Youth Flag Football, for grades 1st thru 4th.  Game day will be Monday. Season begins September 10th. Bervin-White Memorial Baseball/Softball Complex.

Aug 20—Registration Begins for Youth Girls Basketball, for grades K thru 6th. Season begins October 8th. Contact the Republic Community Center for Game Day information.

Aug 20—Toddler Open Gym, 9:30 a.m. For ages 0 to 5 years. Parent/Guardian is required to stay. Republic Activities Building.

Aug 25—4th Annual Got Mud? Youth Mud Run, for ages 4 and up. Registration is open to first 250 participants in each Rush. Contact the Republic Community Center for more information or visit  

Aug 27—Registration Begins for Youth Fall Volleyball for grades 3rd thru 6th. Season begins October 15th.

Aug 30—Senior Movie Day, 3:00 p.m. This is a FREE event! Free popcorn and coffee are  provided!! Republic Community Center.

Classic Rock Coffee
Classic Rock Coffee

June New Business Applications

· Classic Rock Coffee, 1230 US Hwy 60
· Cricket’s Chirpy Treasures, 448 W. Grace
· Kabita Hibachi, 288 US Hwy 60
· P&B Homes, at large
· Red Star Mowing, 219 S. Debbie
· Solar Energy Services, at large


City Hall

City Meetings

Board of Adjustment . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .August 2
City Council Meeting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . August 7
                                                                   And Aug 21
Planning & Zoning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .August 6

Republic Sales Tax Revenues

The latest revenue numbers for the City of Republic suggest the local economy remains strong and    continues to grow. Financials for the month of June 2018, capping off the second quarter, show sales tax receipts are up 6.25% for the year. Revenue to date was $2,958,119.06. That figure is compared to the $2,784,024.17 posted in June of 2017.

Debbie Parks, City of Republic Finance Director, credits a couple of things for the increase.  First, she says business growth and the opening of several new retailers and restaurants generated more sales tax.  It appears more people are spending more money around the city. The second reason, she said, may be more accurate reporting by the Missouri  Department of Revenue. That agency had faced   several challenges last year while implementing a major software conversion project.

"Their collections were often behind," she stated. They have fixed the collection issues and it appears that we have less fluctuation in our tax deposits for the past couple months."

The City of Republic relies on its various municipal sales taxes, totaling 2.375%, to pay for important community services such as fire and police, streets and public works, parks and recreation, and other essential government functions.

Finance Director Parks says the new numbers are a great sign. But, city leaders remain cautiously optimistic heading into the second half of the year. "We had budgeted an approximately 3% increase for this year in the budget," she explained. "While I remain hopeful that we will end the year higher than the 3%, sales tax can fluctuate.  Management keeps a careful eye on the numbers as the sales revenue report comes in each month to make sure the trend is continuing."

Sales Tax
Trench Rescue
Trench Rescue Course and Drill

Trench Rescue Course and Drill

Recently, 30 Republic Firefighters and Public Works’ employees took part in a trench rescue course and drill. The skills they learned could help save lives during trench collapses at construction sites.


Gov Parsons
Governor Mike Parsons

Governor Parsons Signing of Laws

Governor Mike Parsons gave approval to two bills that could enhance 911 and emergency services across the state.  On Friday, Republic Fire Chief Duane Compton and dozens of community leaders joined the governor, who signed the legislation during a ceremony at the Greene County Public Safety Center in Springfield.

The new laws include Senate Bill 870, which makes a variety of changes to emergency services, including programs to improve training and treatment procedures for personnel; implement practices to standardize and enhance medical records and patient's rights; and improve communication and collaboration between local departments. The second law receiving Parson's signature will expand the ways counties can fund their 911 systems. Under House Bill 1456, counties now have the choice to collect taxes on any communications device that can contact 911, including wireless phones.  Missouri was the last state in the nation that didn't allow 911 taxes on wireless devices and continued to limit them to landline phones.  This resulted in a major funding shortfall for local systems as the population migrated from traditional wired  systems to cell phones.  

Citizen Survey

Republic Citizen Survey

Republic continues to be a great place to live, work, and play. That's the opinion expressed by a majority of residents during a recent community survey.

To gather ideas on how to better serve citizens, the City of Republic sent out the 2018 Citizen Survey earlier this year. Opinion Research Specialists, LLC of Springfield was commissioned to conduct the   research.  During April and May 2018, 3,000 surveys were mailed to households selected at random.  The inquiries asked residents their thoughts about the quality of life, neighborhood issues, perceptions of safety and crime, city government, community services and amenities, as well as economic and employment factors. Of the surveys sent out, 1,065 were completed and submitted via mail or online- a response rate of 37.4%.  

According to the research, people scored the community highly on a number of issues.  
· 94% of respondents said the town is a good place to raise children
· 87% claimed they felt their neighborhood was a good place to live
· 93% of people say they feel safe from violent crimes in their neighborhood
· 73% feels safe from property crime  
· 83% said they view the schools in a favorable light.  
· 70% gave positive reviews of city government, including a 90% favorability rating for fire services and parks/recreation offerings, as well as 83% for police protection.

Overall, 91% of people said their quality of life as "good" or "very good." Furthermore, people say the community's smaller-town charm, affordable housing, friendly people, and proximity to Springfield make it an attractive place to be.  Compared to five years ago, 61% of respondents think the city is a more desirable place, 33% think it has stayed the same, while 6% say it has become less desirable.

While the community scored well on the majority of issues, there were some areas residents expressed concerns. For instance, when it comes to whether Republic is a good place to work, just 46% said they agreed, while 38% said they were neutral. Residents also expressed desires to see improvements made to traffic flow, and improved options when it comes to retail, dining, and entertainment.  

For additional questions or media inquiries, contact Michael Landis Public Information Officer for the City of Republic, at:

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