Planned Development Districts

A Planned Development District (PDD) is a custom zoning classification that allows for a zoning district to be tailored to the needs of the project.

The purpose of the PDD classification is to encourage more creative and imaginative land use designs than are generally possible under conventional zoning regulations. A PDD may allow for mixed-use development, integrating various land uses where appropriate and compatible.  PDDs are not intended for use in cases where traditional platting and zoning districts would suffice to allow the desired configuration.  

Planned Development Districts require an accompanying Development Plan, which includes the regulations for the newly created zoning district.  Such regulations may vary in detail and specificity. Some PDD development plans may concern themselves with aspects such as building aesthetics, landscaping requirements and limited uses for properties.  Other plans may simply utilize the relevant sections of the City's municipal code to address those same issues.

The Planned Development Process, once completed, serves to accomplish two things:

  1. Rezoning of the property to the newly created zoning district as described in the adopted development plan.
  2. Completion of the requirement for preliminary platting of a subdivision. 

Any property owner or developer wishing to establish a PDD must schedule a Pre-Application Meeting with City staff prior to submittal.  More information is available in Article 405-IV of the City Municipal Code.  The application for the Planned Development District can be found here.